Recent Rave Review

Recent Rave Review

Here is a recent rave review.

Gary was very professional, helpful, and a wonderful person. He was a great help and was very flexible to our schedule. When me and my now wife booked with Gary, he was very helpful with all of our questions and concerns. Originally we were only gonna do the ceremony, but once we arrived to Gary’s and walked into the back yard and seen how magnificent/beautiful/ breath taking it was, we then decided at the very last minute, while standing there right before Gary proceeded to marry us, and change our minds with no time to spare, to have Marty(please forgive me if i spelled her name wrong) take the photos for us. After seeing the setup they had with all the props and how beautiful it was, i wouldn’t of wanted my wedding photos anywhere else but there. We were so satisfied, that we are trying to plan another trip to Florida, to maybe do our vowel renewals on our 1year anniversary. I myself am a very very picky person, but i would recommend anybody and i mean anybody to use them for weddings and photos and anything else that might be needed for that special day. They both will always have a spot in mine and my wifes heart that we will never forget how special they made our special day. They are very amazing people. On a scale of 1-5, i would give them a 10, they are very above and beyond all expectations we could of ever imagined.

Justin: 12/31/2013


Thank you very much for the review and kind words.

Gary and Marti