Online Pre-Marriage Coaching

I offer a pre-marriage Coaching Course online or at my office however it is NOT required for me to perform your marriage.

As your Course Provider, once you complete the Course Exam I will send you a certificate of completion. Present this certificate when applying for your marriage license through Orange or Seminole County as I am one of their approved providers and you will receive a $32.50 discount off your license fee.

Contact me directly for extra discounts.

Marriage Coaching in Orlando, Florida


Marriage 101 Course Description

The Online Course provides great flexibility. It gives couples access to the series when they can’t be together. Occasionally, a couple may be off at school, in the military, or simply have busy schedules. Marriage 101 is available online so it allows counselors to fulfill their objective of quality counseling without couples having to be in the same place at the same time.

M101 Session Titles

•Session 1: Marital Expectations

Helps couples have realistic expectations about their relationship.

•Session 2: Communication & Emotional Intimacy

Learn to be an effective communicator, be an active listener and what it means to have true dialogue.

•Session 3: Personality Differences

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Couples learn to embrace each other’s differences.

•Session 4: Conflict Resolution

Fighting fair, understanding the “real” issue, and forgiveness are a few of the points taught in this critical segment.

•Session 5: Spiritual Intimacy – 1 + 1 = One

The Rosbergs help couples learn to develop spiritual unity and to overcome differences in family origins.

•Session 6: Relating with Money Part 1 – Nerds & Free Spirits

Dave Ramsey uses humorous life lessons to illustrate the unique ways we view money and how to work together to make our money work for us.

•Session 7: Relating with Money Part 2 – Singles & Children

Listen to Dave as he explains the difference in how to deal with money as a single person and as a couple with children.

•Session 8: Sexual Intimacy

Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg cover this sensitive area with common sense and dignity. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy will help couples better understand the biblical view of sex.

Once again this course is not required but many couples know the value of learning about real life choices before they make one of the most if not “the most” important decision of their life.

This course is fun and very valuable.